AquaMax 315L Electric Stainless Steel Hot Water 991315G7

Experience the superior performance of stainless steel in the AquaMAX Stainless Steel Electric Water Heater range.
Stainless Steel cylinders resist corrosion for longer than conventional vitreous enamel with the added assurance of purity from the material of choice for kitchens and surgeries.
Number of People Serviced Based on connection to continuous tariff: 4-6
Hot Water Delivery: 315 Litres
Protection Rating: IPX4
Watermark Licence No. WMKA00153
Electrical Safety Approval No. 22405
Voltage (Single Phase): 240 Vac
Maximum Supply Pressure:
– with expansion control valve: 680 kPa
– without expansion control valve: 800 kPa
Pressure & Temp Relief Valve: 1000 kPa
ECV setting: 850 kPa
Thermostat setting (Maximum): 70°C
Hot & Cold Water Connection: Rp20 (3/4″) Female
Heating Element Lower: 3.8kW (Also available as 4.8kW unit)

10 Year Cylinder Warranty

Energy Efficient

No Anode

Up to 50% lighter

*Note: AquaMAX Stainless Steel Water Heaters are not recommended for installation in some areas. Refer to the AquaMAX website for details of areas not recommended and for which product is not covered by warranty.

Product Code: 991315G7


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