Onsen 26L Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit

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Onsen 26L continuous flow gas hot water system is designed to deliver endless supply of hot water to your 1-2 bathroom home (up to 3 in warmer climates)
Available as 50 or 60 degree preset
Models are available to suit either natural gas or LPG.
The advantages of a continuous flow gas hot water systems is that energy is only consumed when you turn on your hot water and not lost from storing the hot water.
The unit sits neatly outdoors, ready to keep you and your family warm, quickly and efficiently with its 6 star energy rating.
Recess boxes are available to keep everything neat and tidy.
Oxygen free Copper Heat Exchanger
Preset temperatures and adjustable models available
Anti-Frost Protection
Low Nox Combustion
Manufacturer Warranty: 10 years on heat exchanger*. 3 years part and labour. 1 year on controllers. * 3 years parts and labour + 7 years parts only

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