Decina Mintori 1790 Dolce Vita Freestanding Spa Bath MI1800FSDVSPAWC

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Surround yourself with tranquility and comfort with the beautiful Mintori Freestanding Spa Bath. Combining luxury with practicality, the oval, ergonomic design conforms to and supports your body, as you stretch out and enjoy a deep, relaxing soak. The removal panels (using a patented magnetic fixing system) allow access to the bath for installation and cleaning.

This popular Freestanding Spa bath can be readily and freely located in the bathroom.

Jets: 18
Freestanding Dolce Vita spa bath
Removable side panels for easy spa pump installation & maintenance
1100 watt heat boost pump
Spa Key remote control
C-Lenda™ flush adjustable jets & air controls
Headrests (x2)
Height adjustable

Product Code: MI1800FSDVSPAWC
Manufacturer Warranty: 10 years replacement product or parts. 1 year parts & labour. 5 years warranty spa pump/shell(refer to the warranty link below)