Smart Puddle Point Drain – Australian Made

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The smart puddle is Australian manufactured, 316 marine grade and is one of a kind to the global market. Cleverly manufactured as a versatile all in one product.  The designs eliminate the use of a leak control flange as also complements architectural lineal drain system as it can be used as a traditional floor waste if required for pre-existing builds.

The low profile 14mm raise once installed is the shallowest on the market which means the floor height will not need to be adjusted when using a tile with a thickness 8-12mm

The smart puddle surpasses any other product as it:

Eliminates the need to source a different range of products

Rubber proximity guard included for precise tiling installation

Accessorised with a tile surround lip with weep holes to provide the tiler with a height guide and allows seamless finish with no issue of the visibility of the cut tile edge.

The smart puddle can be installed at various stages with benefits of time and saving on a build and can eliminate the need to screed depending on installation- which can take place at the very beginning of a pre-cast slab or later.

Can accommodate tiles between 8mm-10mm thick

130 x 130 with 14mm insert & 50mm threaded outlet

Limited lifetime warranty (25 years)