HiFlow Inline Water Filter System – WFA

A fast flow solution for customers who want a water filter system for all their cold water kitchen needs. This inline water filter system has a large capacity – over 56,000 litres per annum and a flow rate of up to 8 litres per minute.

The water filter cartridge has improved sediment and limescale reduction and is certified to reduce cysts.  It’s also compatible with all exisiting HiFlow installations and lasts up to 12 months (depending on water quality). The system includes a filter alarm and a ten year warranty.

Certified to remove/reduce: Sediment and rust particles, Chlorine, Bad taste and odours, Limescale, Cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium

Capacity 56,700 litres

Dual Check Valve

Service life/change cartridge 12 months*

Working Pressure 10–175psi (70–1200 kPa)

Temperature 2–38°C

Flow Rate up to 8 litres per minute

Micron Rating 1 micron cyst rated

Burst pressure exceeds 3,500 kPa as tested by CSIRO

Warranty 10 years

Compatible with: HIFLOW-RC


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