Z1-MW-K Undersink Water Filter Kit 0.1 Micron (No Mixer) – Puretec

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This premium filter system easily fits under your existing kitchen bench. For use with a twinner sink mixer.
The Puretec Z1 filter utilise Ultra Z Filtration Technology to finely filter water down to 0.1 micron through an advanced three stage process.
This all-in-one cartridge provides reduction of unwelcome elements in your water such as sediment, chlorine, bad tastes and odours and also protects against cysts and bacteria such E.coli.
Filtration down to 0.1 micron*.
DIY quick-twist cartridge change.
Quick and easy installation.
Reduces chlorine, pesticides, bad taste, odours, organic chemicals, bacteria, dirt, rust and 99.9% Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts.
Mounts horizontally or vertically – no shelf cutouts required.
All plumbing fittings for standard installation included.
Compatible with Puretec wide range of taps.
WaterMark approved.
Replacement Cartridge(s): Z1-R
Min/Max Temperature: 0° – 38°C (protect from freezing)
Min/Max Pressure: 172 – 689 kPa
Micron Rating: 0.1 Micron*
Connection: ½” BSP [15 mm]
WaterMark AS/NZS 3497 Licence No. WM 74617 Australian Certification Services
Manufacturer Warranty 10 years^
Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridge. ^10 year warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 9 years parts only. Excludes cartridges. *Micron Rating is nominal.


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