Copper Press Fittings Kit (Water) & Heavy Duty Utility Case With 95 Fittings – AusPress

The AusPress™ Copper Press Kit contains 95 water fittings complete with a heavy duty lightweight organiser with movable dividers. All fittings are fully compliant to AS3688 and compatible with leading tool manufacturers: Novopress, Rothenberger, Viega, Vetec, Klauke, REMS, Kembla, Milwaukee (See link for model compatibility) AusPress Link
Backed by the AusPress™ Lifetime warranty (25 Years)
Included with kit:
1x TK.320064 AusPress Utility Case
10x CUW.21.015 COUPLING DN15 (Water)
10x CUW.21.020 COUPLING DN20 (Water)
10x CUW.29.020.015 REDUCER F-F DN20 x DN15 (Water)
10x CUW.31.090.015 90 BEND F-F DN15 (Water)
10x CUW.31.090.020 90 BEND F-F DN20 (Water)
10x CUW.51.015 TEE EQUAL DN15 (Water)
10x CUW.51.020 TEE EQUAL DN20 (Water)
5x CUW.37.015.015 MI 90 BEND PLATE – Socket DN15 x BSP 1/2″ (Water)
10x CUW.74.015.015 MI ADAPTOR – Socket DN15 x BSP 1/2″ (Water)
10x CUW.74.020.020 MI ADAPTOR – Socket DN20 x BSP 3/4″ (Water)
Efficient & waste free installation
Tested and certified to AS:3688
Watermark Certified
Complies with AS/NZS:3500
Manufacturer warranty: 25 years – replacement product.


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