AVG Pressure Reducing Valve PRVB-500

The PRVB is designed to limit the water pressure to a domestic dwelling to around 500 kPa. When water supply is flowing the PRVB will allow a full flow through the downstream pipe work. When all the downstream taps are isolated the PRVB will control the static pressure to the valve’s set pressure.
Body made of D.R Brass
Superior flow capacity, 170 l/min as per AS1357.2
Low profile – compact design
Stainless steel seat
Metal cap for protection of the valve
Flow rating 170 l/min, as per AS1357.2
Set pressure 500kPa, at 1600kPa
Inlet Pressure Max operating temp. 80°C
Connections 20mm Female BSP to 20mm Compression
Watermark WMKA2639


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