AVG Pressure Reduction Valve

A pressure reduction valve (PRV) can be a valuable addition to many piping systems. If the incoming water pressure is too high, this can put unnecessary strain on water heaters, pipe work, plumbing joints, taps and tap washers. It can increase the risk of burst hoses on washing machines, water leaks and possibly magnify any existing water hammer problems.
The valves are factory set at 500 Kpa. The down stream pressure is adjustable from 150 to 600 kpa by turning the screw on top of the plastic cover. Clockwise to increase pressure and anticlockwise to reduce pressure. A gauge port is standard on the body of the valve so that a gauge can be fitted to monitor the downstream pressure.
For ease of maintenance, the valve has a removable cartridge and strainer, containing all the regulating components which can be easily accessed through the top of the valve.
The tagging eye has been cast into the PRV body to allow the valve to be identified and tagged for mechanical service.
Compact design, body length only 78mm
DZR brass valve body
High Flow rate
Available in 3 models: PRV15F – PRV20F – PRV25F


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