AVG TVA15C Tempering Valve Assemblies Standard (Yellow Cap)

Suitable for storage hot water systems.
Maximum hot water supply temperature 99°
More accurate control: ± 3°C from set temperature (to AS4032.2)
Fast response to pressure fluctuations
Cast DR bronze body
Advanced polymer components for greater resistance to calcium deposits
Integral 60 mesh stainless steel line strainers
Integral non return valves
Stainless steel springs
O-ring seal inlet union connectors complete with nuts and olives
Tamper proof adjustment
Special adjusting tool supplied moulded into valve cap
Seasonal adjustments not required
Factory set at 50°C (must be commissioned onsite by installer)
Water Mark Certification – License No. 20137
Available as TVA15C-I (DN15) or TVA20C-I (DN20)


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