ECV15 850kpa Expansion Control Valve – AVG

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Model: ECV15/850
DN: 15
Colour Code: Green
Pressure Rating: 850kPa
Inlet: 1/2” male
Outlet: 1/2” female
Pressure Rating: 20 KW
Product Code: ECV15/850
Each valve is individually tested and calibrated to ensure that it meets the correct pressure specifications.
Designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standard AS1357.1, under Licence No. 2639 and meets AS4020, Drinkable Water Standard.
Manufactured under Quality Assurance ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 (UK).
Suitable for either horizontal or vertical installations.
The valve is designed to automatically reseat after each action.
The Expansion Control Valve (ECV) is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by the water expansion during the normal heating cycle.
It is recommended that an ECV be fitted to the cold water supply line. This will relieve cold water, not hot water, during the heating cycle saving energy and increasing the life of the Pressure Temperature Relief valve (PTR).
PTR and ECV valves are safety valves and should be replaced every 4 years.
Picture is for illustration purposes only. Plate colour varies, according to pressure rating.


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