Flinders Square 900 SMC Shower Base – Marbletrend

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This innovative new product features high compression moulded thermo set resin throughout, making Flinders SMC shower base the lightest and most durable self-supporting shower base in the Marbletrend range.

Lightest shower base in the Marbletrend range, for easy installation

No grout and no joins, easy to clean

Protected against leaking, with built-in lips on all four sides

Material: Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC)

Construction: Self-supporting

Step Height: 40mm high including tile lip

Tile Lip:  9mm tile lip

Alcove: Yes

Colour: White

Waste: 50mm male thread, plus white dome cover (dome for rear outlet only)

900 W x 900 D x 40 H Rear Outlet

Other sizes & configurations also available

Warranty – 3 years product replacement. 1 year parts and labour.

Product Code: MSBU926


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