Tile Tray BMC Shower Base – Marbletrend

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Marbletrend’s Tile Tray provides the look of a tiles floor, with the waterproofing of a base. The Tile Tray is structurally sound, self-draining and can be installed directly just to a floor joist.

Self-supporting and easy to trip for easy installation

No joins – 1 piece with moulded lip

Made from Bulk Moulding Compound (high compression moulded material)

CONSTRUCTION: Structural & self-supporting

STEP HEIGHT: 40mm including lip

TILE LIP: Easy to trim 9mm tile lip. Overall size: 60mm

WASTE: 80 x 50 ABS puddle flange

Square or round chrome plated brass wastes, specially designed to suit puddle flange

890 x 890 Centre Outlet
Other sizes also available
Warranty – 15 years product replacement.


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