Novi 75 x 46 Fine Fireclay Butler Sink Matte Black Double Sided Flat Front and Ribbed Front – Turner Hastings

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The Novi Single 75 boasts an intelligent matte black double-sided design, ribbed front on one side and flat front on the other. This allows you to install it either way to suit your kitchen design. The ribbed side gives it a Heritage, handmade look, while the flat side is more subtle, working well in contemporary kitchens.

Made in Europe, the quality fireclay and glazing is highly durable and thermal shock resistant, meaning it can withstand fast changes in temperatures such as boiling water on a cold morning. Adding to the unique beauty of this sink is its fine fireclay composition, which is a stronger and less brittle product than ceramic, making it highly durable against the impacts of daily washing up. With a 30-year warranty, you cannot go wrong with a Turner Hastings sink.

Fine Fireclay is a natural product and therefore subject to variations. This should be seen as a quality that adds to its unique natural beauty. Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and acceptable and are within industry tolerance. For more information please visit Turner Hastings Installation, Care & Warranty page.

Material: Fine Fireclay

Finish: Matte Black

Waste Outlet Included: 90x50mm Basket Waste

Mounting options: Butler (front showing), Counter Top (glazed on all 4 sides), Under Counter (framework required)

Capacity: 64L

Product Code: NO75FS-MB

30 year manufacturer warranty


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