Hotwire In Screed Floor Heating

Floor heating radiates warmth from the ground up, heating not just your feet but your entire home. Hotwire is luxury you can afford. An average bathroom system is yours for approximately $550 RRP and a living room for only $1900 RRP.

As the heat is evenly spread throughout every room, it’s just like standing outside in the first few days of Spring; beautifully warm and thoroughly luxurious.

In Screed Heating is ideal if you are installing a sand and cement screed over a floor surface or planning a polished concrete floor.

Whether you are building a new bathroom or an extended living area In Screed Heating is a prefect solution.

The element sits approximately 30mm deep in the screed and spreads an even warmth throughout the entire room.
Very Low Running Costs
Absolutely Safe
RCD Protected
Reduces Mould and Odours
Thermostat Control
No Maintenance
10 Year Guarantee


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