Thermoscreed Loose Wire In Screed Heating Kit – Thermogroup

Thermoscreed is ideal for new build projects where height build up is not limited. Designed for use in 20 – 100mm screed layers. In Screed heating systems allow the floor layer to prepare a perfectly flat floor to lay the floor covering over. Thermoscreed is suitable for almost any flooring finish including wood, carpet and vinyl.

Thermoscreed is a versatile heating cable designed for installation in the screed layer of new builds or renovation projects. It creates an energy efficient heating system by warming the screed to create a slow release thermal mass. Suitable for use with sand and cement, anhydrite and flow screeds.

Kit items include: Thermoscreed Cable, Fixing tape, Programmable Thermostat (5220A), Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Cable Monitor(6025), Installation Guide & Warranty Form.

Manufacturer Warranty – Lifetime Cable Guarantee with 3 year warranty on the thermostats.


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