Vario Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Kit – Thermogroup

Vario is the traditional underfloor heating cable kit solution designed for installing in small, awkward areas.

Vario cable kits include the most advanced electric underfloor heating cable available and our unique patented fixing strip, which is designed to speed up installation and save time on site.

Kit items include:  Vario Heating Cable, Programmable Thermostat (5220A), Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Cable Monitor (6025), Cloth Tape, Patented Pre-measured Fixing Strip, Installation Guide & Warranty Forms.

Thermonet underfloor heating cables have a tough fluoropolymer coating on the outside and internal conductors, a continuous armoured earth sheath and multi-shrand twin conductors.

The conductors as twisted together to eliminate electromagnetic field (EMF) and neutralise the stress, expansion and contractions of the cable along the entire length; resulting in a more robust longer lasting cable.

Manufacturer Warranty – Lifetime Cable Guarantee with 3 year warranty on the thermostats.


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