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Remer Miro D LED Backlit Mirror With Demister

Brand: Remer


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Product Description

Remer Miro D LED Backlit Mirror With Demister

The Miro Collection is a bespoke collection of high-end backlit rectangular bathroom mirrors.
These contemporary lustrous pieces of art have the potential to adorn any bathroom space with utmost luxury and sophistication.
They come with state-of-the-art features which can assuredly elevate the exclusive quotient of your bathrooms.

Distinctively sleek and practical, the Remer Miro series smart mirror is one of our bestsellers that has withstood the test of time.
The large backlit mirror is naturally gravitational and it always charms its audience at first glance.

Minimal in its design, this LED bathroom mirror with light does not overpower with prestige, but rather enhances the beauty of its space.
The Miro series are backlit in design with frosted glass edges that the light shines through, elevating the space to a new level. It truly reflects refinement in the Remer way.

Remer Miro D Features:
LED Lighting
Demister with 1 Hour Auto Cut-off
Touch Sensor
Copper Free Mirror

Remer Miro D LED Backlit Mirror Specifications:
Orientation – Horizontal
Total wattage – M75D: 70w / M90D: 50w / M120D: 98w / M150D: 105w / M180D: 149w
CCT – 6500K
CRI – >80
Lumens – M75D: 885lm / M90D: 1062lm / M120D: 1416lm / M150D: 1770lm / M180D: 2124lm

Available sizes: 750 x 900 – 900 x 700 – 1200 x 700 – 1500 x 750 or 1800 x 850mm.

View Remer Miro D LED Backlit Mirror With Demister specs at Remer Website

For product enquiries please feel free to Contact Us. One of our customer service team members will be in touch as soon as possible.

Remer Warranty Terms & Conditions

Manufacturer warranty: 5 years replacement parts or products for domestic use. 1 year replacement parts or products for commercial use.
Labour is not included Please clean mirror surface with a mixture of 30% isopropyl alcohol and 70% water and use a soft micro-fibre cloth/chamois.
Dry off the mirror edges.
Do not use any abrasive, acid or alkaline-based cleaners. Avoid sharp objects and keep heat and hot objects away from all surfaces of Remer products Installation of faulty, warped, chipped or damaged products will void our warranty.
Any claim for warped, chipped or damaged products must be made within 48 hours from receipt of product.
All LED Products must be installed by a licenced electrician in accordance with local regulations.
PLEASE do not use glass or window cleaner, or other cleaners with chemical agents. These may damage the silver coating and brown marks can result.

This product does not have any specifications or videos. For more information, please contact us.