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WFA K-T-VANITY Vanity Inline Filter System


Brand: WFA

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Product Description

WFA K-T-VANITY Vanity Inline Filter System

A compact inline system for customers who want the convenience of filtered water from their existing bathroom tap.
The filter is fast flowing at 8 litres per minute and removes sediment, limescale and chlorine.
It leaves in the fluoride and other healthy minerals for healthy teeth.
Certified to remove/reduce: Sediment, Chlorine, Bad taste and odours, Limescale.
Service life/change cartridge 12 months*
Working Pressure 10–175psi (70–1200 kPa)
Temperature 2–38°C
Height to allow for cartridge change 335mm
Width of filter head/cartridge 225mm
Flow Rate up to 8 litres per minute
Burst pressure exceeds 3,500 kPa as tested by CSIRO
*Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line pressure and local water conditions.

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Manufacturer Warranty: 10 years*

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